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The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist

Digital Marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s important to catch on to the new trends and tactics to reach your audience in different ways. Trends aren’t always easy to predict, but they’re easy to follow if you observe the interests of your audience.
In digital marketing, being on-trend could be the determining factor for a successful ranking in search engines.

Marketing campaign checklists are comprised of various elements. They are different for each company depending on the target audience and goals. 

The following checklist provides you with four areas to focus on to ensure that you see tangible results:

1. Website Checklist

A website that is optimized for conversions typically has better metrics, such as visitors are spending more time on your website and the bounce rate of your website is lower, which means that Google might rank it higher. 

When you have properly optimized your website for search engines, you will be able to attract more visitors to your business website and you will have many more opportunities to convert these visitors into potential customers.

  • Give Your Website A Full SEO Audit
    A website audit is a full analysis of everything related to your website’s level of search visibility. A complete and detailed one will give you a deeper understanding as to why your site is not generating the traffic you think it should or why your sales and conversions are not improving
  • Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly
    As an increasing amount of web traffic comes from mobile devices, having a site that is not responsive to different screen sizes and shapes will negatively impact the usability, especially for local searches. Google has launched the mobile-first index, which means you might rank better if you focus on mobile-friendliness. Therefore, you should try to use a responsive theme on your business website.
  • Make Sure You Have Google Analytics On Your Website
    Google Analytics is the best way to see how customers use and find your site.
    It will also help you to monitor your SEO performance. The first step is to install the Google Analytics code on your website and familiarize yourself with basic SEO reports.

With Google Analytics: 

  • You can view how much traffic you get from Google.
  • Determine the pages on your site that bring you the most traffic.
  • See if your traffic is increasing and by how much.
  • Identify other sites and search engines that send you traffic
  • Your average bounce rate, page views, and time on site.

2. Content Checklist

Content marketing is a marketing method based on the creation of relevant and valuable content, to drive a specific call-to-action—usually to attract and retain customers.
The demand for valuable content is greater now than ever before, but producing quality content requires significant research, time, and effort.

  • Identify the needs of your target audience
  • Define your content marketing strategy
  • Create a content map
  • Address customer FAQs
  • Include visually appealing images
  • Set metrics to measure results

3. Social Media Checklist

In order to increase your social media reach you need to constantly optimize your strategy in line with creating a better user experience, as well as posting high-quality content.
Start your social media strategy, by following these five steps:

  • Open a small business account on the social media platform where your target market is on.
  • Schedule posts and be consistent with your postings.
  • Pick the best time to post.
    View your page insights and see which time has the highest engagement & post accordingly.
  • Encourage user engagement.
    Entice your users with questions and be prompt to engage. 
  • Measure results.
    Be sure to check and see how effective your posts are. And which post has the most engagement and constantly update and optimize our post in accordance with those results.

4. Search Engine Optimization Checklist (SEO)

SEO is a vast topic, and if you are doing SEO for a new website or SEO audit of a website, it’s important to maintain an SEO checklist, so that you can quickly see how well your site is optimized. 

  • Keyword Research
    Keyword Research is perhaps the most essential piece of the SEO puzzle.
    Keyword research is the process of discovering keyword opportunities that can generate massive traffic and sales for your business. 
    • Understand the Searcher Intent.
    • Understand how these keywords fit into your sales funnel.
    • Understand the difference between long-tail keywords and head terms.
  • Use SEO Tools
    There are a ton of free SEO tools, as they’re an important instrument for every webmaster since they help you better understand your website. SEO tools offer essential and reliable information for search engine optimization that covers many aspects of your website.
  • On-Page SEO
    • Include your target keyword in the URL.
    • Keep your URLs short and crisp.
    • Include your keyword in your Title Tag.
    • Use synonyms or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your copy.
    • Optimize the readability of your content as well as the viewability of your images.
    • Build internal links
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Rank Tracking
    Rank tracking is checking positions of keywords that a website ranks for in search engine result pages.  Rank tracking is about tracking and analyzing the organic positions of keywords that are based on current rankings and historical data, so you can analyze the progress and its impact on organic traffic.


Digital trends fluctuate, which means constant attention is required. Your checklist may change from time to time, but having a foundation helps get you started.

It’s a never-ending challenge to maintain a successful digital marketing strategy, there are always new technologies and trends coming onto the scene, and it’s up to you to examine them to decide whether they’re useful.

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