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Generating Leads through Instagram Reels Ads

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Do you want to use Instagram Reels Ads? Wondering how to get started with this amazing feature?

In this blog post, you’ll learn what Instagram Reels ads are and how to utilise them efficiently for your next ad campaign.Social Pill is a social media agency that can assist you in crafting a successful social media advertising campaign that boosts audience engagement and provides new leads for your brand.  

What Are Instagram Reels Ads?

Reels ads are Instagram’s newest ad format. Reels are short videos to which audio and special effects can be added. They can be made from existing footage or shot live. Additionally, you can utilise your own audio or a song sample from Instagram’s music library. In other words, they give you a lot of creative freedom to showcase your brand image, products and services, and purpose.

But there are a few crucial things you should be aware of. To begin with, Reels advertisements differ significantly from organic reels. They are limited to a maximum of 30 seconds (unlike standard reels, which can be a full minute). People can comment, like, view, save and share Reels ads.

 A guide to creating your first Instagram Reels campaign

Step 1: Create the ad

First, take care of the creative side of things. This entails capturing your video and ensuring that it has the correct aspect ratio. You should also prepare your content and captions at this time, as well as choose your hashtags.

Get inventive! In most cases, viral sound clips or music are used with Organic Reels. They occasionally (or frequently) have a quirky or humorous quality. If it’s appropriate for your business, pick a mainstream audio clip that complements the ad and blends in with the other, non-sponsored Reels users are viewing.

Step 2: Navigate to Ads Manager

Make sure your company has an Instagram business account. That ensures you’ll have access to Ads Manager.

Click Create.

 Step 3: Choose your advertising objective.

What is the purpose of your company’s Instagram Reels ad? There are a variety of possibilities, but be sure to pick one that is tailored to Reels:

Six advertising goal objectives are available for the Reels ad placement:

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Conversions

Step 4: Fill out the ad campaign details

This includes important advertising specifics like your budget, schedule and primary audience.

 Step 5: Ad placement

Select Manual Placements. Then, select Stories from the dropdown. For your advertisement to appear as an Instagram Reels ad, select Instagram Reels.

 Step 6: Customize your call to action

You determine how to persuade viewers to take action. For instance, you could add the following to the CTA:

  • Buy now
  • Learn More
  • Join Now
  • Click Here

And that’s all there is to it! Your Instagram Reels ad is complete. The ad will go live after review and approval.

 Creating effective Reel ads

  1. Pick video content that feels insightful and organic

On a Reel ad, you have 30 seconds to showcase your sponsored content. This means that it’s crucial to deliver material that feels natural and unbranded.

You should add subtitles and stickers to your Reels after selecting the clip that enables the user to interact organically with your offer.

Captions allow your audience to see the Reel even if the volume is turned off. Your Reel’s clickable hashtag, location, product, poll, or question stickers can help you reach and engage more people.

  1. Create a compelling caption with a specific CTA.

Since your goal is to persuade your audience to take an action, your call to action is the most crucial component of any Instagram Reel ad.

It’s common for people to ignore the caption part of the Reel, but this is a great way to restate everything you said in the Reel and provide value-added information to encourage the audience to click through to your landing page.

Your CTA should persuade people to go where you want them to go, whether that be buying your goods, going to your website, or joining your email list.

  1. For increased conversion rates, make sure your landing page resonates with the Reel ad audience.

When a person views your Instagram Reel advertisement and clicks on your CTA, you want to direct them to a specific landing page that generates opt-ins, sign-ups, or sales.

Consider your landing page as the expanded form of the CTA from your Reel advertisement. Because your viewers will understand the change from one platform to another, having a landing page that connects smoothly to your Reel audience will increase conversions for your product, service, or program.

The best way to accomplish this is with concise, direct language on a visually appealing page.