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8 Reasons to Perform an SEO Audit of Your Website in 2023

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How to Do SEO Audit of Your Website in 2023

An SEO audit is a process of assessing how well your website is optimised for search engines. It pinpoints errors that could harm your site’s ranking as well as chances that could raise it.

Generally, an SEO audit takes into account aspects like:

  • Indexing and crawl ability
  • User experience
  • Site architecture
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlink profile

It essentially serves as an overall “health check” for a website.

This blog post will discuss eight reasons you should conduct a website SEO audit report today:

  1. Increase Leads and Sales Online

Organic traffic (SEO) is the major source of website traffic for most companies.

Organic traffic accounts for 30-70% of overall monthly website traffic. As a result, SEO is an effective strategy for generating a steady flow of sales leads.

You may significantly boost monthly sales earnings by optimising the rankings of your website and content.


  1. Identifies specific areas on your website that need improvement

You may have explored tools that offer basic guidance on how to optimize your pages for search engines. Examples include incorporating your keywords naturally into the text of your articles, arranging them with sub headers, putting photographs in your postings, and more.

This is a good approach to maintain your website pages somewhat optimized for Google. However, a more detailed analysis of your website’s issues is possible with an SEO audit.

This allows you to check the issues relating to aspects like speed, quality, and others that most SEO tools miss, like those affecting a website’s E-A-T due to recent core algorithm updates.

  1. Evaluates Competition

A professional SEO audit gives you a more in-depth look at what your top competitors are doing. The agency you hire will conduct a thorough competitor analysis, taking note of the keywords that your rivals rank for, the blog headlines that have worked for them, the structure of their websites, and their overall marketing plans.

You may design a strategy to set yourself apart from them and stay ahead in the market and therefore establish a more effective marketing strategy by understanding their strengths and limitations.

  1. Keeps Your Website Updated

Google updates its algorithms frequently. These algorithm updates are quite challenging to follow, and they could or could not have an impact on the ranking of your website. Additionally, you should be cautious while making modifications to your website because Google uses over 200 ranking factors.

And that’s where the SEO audit comes in. Utilizing Google measurements, SEO auditing tools assist you in providing data-driven and updated recommendations for website adjustments.

  1. Helps You Build a Better Content Strategy

An SEO audit can assist you in better understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your website as well as those of your competitors. You may use this knowledge to create a content strategy that is more efficient and will raise your ranking.

An SEO audit can also assist you in finding possibilities to produce fresh content that will attract backlinks and raise the overall authority of your website.

  1. Update, Refresh And Create New Website Content

An effective SEO program is built on relevant and quality website content.

An SEO Audit will expose content gaps in your website. (This indicates that the website’s material is incomplete, out-of-date, or unfinished.)

It is crucial to produce timeless content that your clients desire and anticipates discovering while looking for your goods, services, and solutions.

  1. Find and Fix General Website Issues

404-page errors and broken links are the most frequent website errors discovered during an SEO audit.

These issues degrade user experiences and may have an impact on website conversion rates.

By resolving these problems, you give your website visitors a better experience, which may enhance site engagement and lead conversion rates.

  1. You have never conducted an SEO audit of your website

If you have never conducted a website SEO audit, you are passing on big chances to raise website traffic, lead generation, and revenue.

The leading source of website traffic and the top generator of online leads and sales for the majority of organizations is organic (SEO) traffic.

Your 2023 digital marketing strategy and plan ought to priorities SEO.

While an audit is extremely helpful, it is important that you engage with the correct agency to conduct your audit. Find an SEO agency in India that you can trust that is qualified and experienced, like Social Pill. Learn more about our audit services and how we can collaborate to assist your organization to achieve its business objectives.