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Best SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Here’s a list of Best SEO tools that work great and are free as of April 2020.

  1. UberSuggest
  2. Google Search Console
  3. Answer The Public
  4. Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool
  5. SERP Robot
  6. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
  7. Seed Keywords
  8. Seobility
  9. ScreamingFrog
  10. Siteliner


UberSuggest is a comprehensive SEO tool that gets data from Google suggest and provides it on the platter for the SEO experts. The features that this tool provides is more on the lines of any paid professional tool, however, it is completely free (at the time of writing this article).

Some of the salient features of this uber suggest:

Keyword Analysis

Just enter the keyword and it will find the search volume, the competition (organic and paid), and the average cost per click if you had to bid.


It also gives a list of all relevant keywords with the respective search volume and searches difficulty

Ubersuggest keyword ideas

It also shows you the best-ranking articles for that keyword

UbserSuggest Content Ideas

Google Search Console

This is the best free tool available which is provided especially to control and view your website organic performance.

Once you make your website, you need to add it to Google Search Console and verify your ownership. On doing that, you can then submit multiple versions of your website (www and non-www), submit a sitemap.

Over a period of time, the console will start showing you how your website is performing on Google.

Google Search Console Overview

You can also see a detailed report on which keywords are you ranking for, the number of impressions, and the CTR that you get.

Google Search Console Report

You can also see your average position for that keyword.

Average Search Position

Answer The Public

A great tool to get keyword ideas when you are planning to write content. While all other keyword tools use the same source, this keyword tool uses what people search for.

Answer The Public

So let’s say I was to research on the tags for this particular topic, here is what I would search for in ATP.

I would search for “top free SEO tools” and this will give me the top questions that people are searching for.

what seo questions

Apart from this, it will also give prepositions, comparisons, and related searches. Beautiful tool and the free versions work just as fine.

Wooranks SEO

It is a paid tool, however, we have included it in this list as the free version also works just great. It is a great tool to audit your website and check for SEO errors and improvements.

WooRank's Free SEO Tool

Apart from the website store, it also gives you actionable insights on how you can fix the website for errors.WooRank SEO Audit

It gives you everything from content, indexing, mobile performance, structured data, security, etc. in the on-page audit.

Google SEO Audit

Google Website Audit

In the off-page audit, it will show the backlink count, referring domain count, and traffic split.

Google Backlinks

Overall, the free version is great to do a competitor audit to understand how your competitor is performing. Not saying Google is my competitor ;).

SERP Robot

Once you start working on SEO, it is inevitable that you keep an eye on performance. The SERP Robot is a great tool to see how your SEO efforts are paying off.

SERP or Search Engine Ranking Position is the position of your website for a particular keyword.

SERP Robot

All you need to do is choose your location, enter your domain, and choose the keywords that you are targeting.

Social Pill SERP

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

A simple yet very powerful tool from Google.

As you the internet has migrated to a mobile-first era where a lot more consumers use mobile than desktop. In such situations usability of your website on the mobile is one of the key ranking factors.

To see you how the website looks on the mobile, you can simply put your URL or HMTL code and test.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Once you hit the test, it will show you a complete report of your website’s mobile-friendliness.

Google Mobile Friendly Test Result

You can see the errors (if any) and have them quickly fixed.

Seed Keywords

Keywords and content are important and great. But you also need to know what your audience is really searching for.

You can create a custom scenario on Seed Keywords and share the link with your audience (a link).

Seed Keywords

One they enter the keywords, you will have a database of people’s behavior in real-life scenarios.

Seed Keyword Answers

This is a great tool if you take some help from your existing audience to capitalize on a look-alike of that audience.


It is another one of the top free SEO tools to check your on-page SEO. The free plan offers up to 1000 pages.

SEObility SEO Audit

Apart from a comprehensive SEO audit, the best part of this tool is it gives you actionable tasks to perform on your website.

SEObility Site Audit Report

If you sign up for a free plan you can also do a meta/title check on each page for up to 1000 pages and it also offers a free keyword optimization check for those pages.


This is a Windows software that you can use to do a comprehensive technical website audit.

The free version offers audits for websites up to 500 URLs.

This is a great tool to

  • Find Broken Links
  • Audit Redirects
  • Analyze page titles and metadata
  • Discover duplicate content
  • Review robots
  • Generate sitemaps

The free version works great for auditing small websites that don’t have too many URLs.


Another great free SEO tool to have if you want to audit your website for duplicate content and broken links.

Siteliner - Pages

It will also show a list of all the crawlable pages on your website.

Siteliner - Pages

You can then check for duplicate content.

Siteliner - Duplicate Content

If its a tag’s page, as shown above, you ignore duplicate content as it is a collation of multiple blog posts.


There are a lot of paid tools available out there that offer great features and some of them are even worth the last penny. Never the less, there are also free SEO tools available in the market in plenty.

To choose the best of the free tools in itself is a daunting task. We use paid tools for our SEO clients, however, we also use these free tools as and when needed.

Hence we decided to make a comprehensive list of the top 10 tools that we have used and that have worked for us and also which are free.

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If you need help with SEO we are always listening. You can get yourself a free audit here.

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